i’m my own hero

3 06 2008

79 kids are sitting on old wooden bleachers eating their lunches.  The kids are excited to have a break from the relentless Texas sun and enjoy a little shade.  Soon, the wind begins to pick up blowing hair into jelly sticky mouths and sending brown lunch bags tumbling across the field.  Without warning, the lunchable container of one little girl’s lunch blows off the bleacher and lands upside down in the grass under the bench.  I  unknowingly pick up the plastic container, scoop up the lost crackers and toss them into the container.  As a look down i realize that i have tossed a brown recluse spider into the container.  Not wanting to frighten dozens of pigtailed girls, i calmly walk to the trash can and toss the lost lunch along with the death threatening spider….. all without making a face or uttering a sound.

don’t count on that ever happening again…. it’s a one in a million.




3 responses

3 06 2008

That is awesome! I couldn’t have done that…I would have squeeled immediately. I am in awe of you calmness….LOL!

4 06 2008

no way!… no way…. no way!…. I have chills just reading it….. you are my hero…. for real!

8 06 2008

I can’t believe it! You’re my hero.

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