killing time… i mean nature walk

4 06 2008

Wednesday is field trip day, but the school district that loans the Dallas Metropolitan YMCA their buses is still in session this week… ergo…. no field trip today.  Instead we had “messy games”  Our first messy game was a spitting contest.  My kids weren’t too keen on this idea, and when i told them we got to spit food, they were totally against it…. Shawn, aka Papa, and I decided to kill the time we should have been spitting pork and beans and creamed corn with a nature walk.  We took a walk around a pond and the plants on either side of the sidewalk were taller than most of my kids giving them plenty of opportunity to make up stories about trecking through the jungle and killing bears and tigers.  One of  my 4 year olds even had a 7 year old convinced at lunchtime that we saw a “bear pouncing in the wilderness”

One of my other boys, Rylan ( who is just about the cutest little blond haired, dimpled 4-year-old kid you’ll ever meet… he even has a black eye and a skinned up nose adding to his cuteness) picked this for me on our nature walk.




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