i’m my own hero (part 2)

12 06 2008

Today Papa and I went to take our kids on our daily nature walk, but over night, someone had mowed down our “jungle” not really a big deal… except that it made the wildlife that lived in the jungle a little more active.  I was leading the line walking backwards and i turned around to see where i was going, and nearly stepped on a HUGE snake.  it was big and black, and that’s all i know…. and i calmly turned around and told the kids that we were going to go back to the bridge and skip the nature walk today.  Shawn (papa) just looked at me like “what’s going on?” so i made a snake motion with my hand, and his eyes got super big and said OOOH! yeah, lets go!

lets recap…. big snake, no screaming, no running, no freaking out. I stinkin rule.




4 responses

12 06 2008

I would FREAK out!!!! esp. with the spider!!

13 06 2008
Dad (Butch)

If you would have seen it as a super giant worm you would have been done for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16 06 2008
Kelli McGill

oh, so you have snakes & huge spiders that you encounter on a regular basis…why, again, do you live in Texas???

22 06 2008
Will Maynard

I once stepped on a snake on a nature walk when I was four, and I have been terrified of snakes ever since. You are much braver than I am.

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