getting there

18 06 2008

Day camp at the YMCA is giving me a bad tan…. working the grounds getting ready for camp gave me a terrible farmer’s tan…. i’ve worked really hard to over come it, and am doing pretty well except for my feet….. i still have tan legs, crisp line and WHITE feet.  Today was a field trip day… we were at Hawaiian Falls water park in Mansfield ALL DAY.  i was tempted to not put sunscreen on my feet and try and even them up, but i chickened out and sunscreened um up.  Now that i’m home several hours later i’ve noticed that one of my feet is a little burned but the other has no signs of sun at all….. So now i’m going to have one really white foot and one almost normal foot….. i haven’t decided if this is better or worse.

I would also like to note that 90% of the kids and all of the boy counselors came home fried.  of my 9 little rascals (our group team name for the 4 year olds and 5 year olds that have not yet been in kindergarten)  Zero were burned.  my lil babies with super delicate skin were all protected, because (this is for you judy) i was the sunscreen nazi. I carried around 50spf and i personally made sure all my kids were well covered before we left, and each child was re-slathered twice during the day. They fought me and whined and complained…. but they were pretty much the only kids without sunburns.  Their moms thanked me.




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18 06 2008
Kelli McGill

Kristi, you should show us a picture of your feet (hehe)!

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