paint, scotch tape, and ipods on shuffle

20 06 2008

this is my friday night….

i got bored and wanted to paint… i had an idea, but i couldn’t find my painter’s tape… scotch tape was gonna have to do… and it worked pretty good…. i think

i don’t listen to my ipod on shuffle very often…. i always want to because it seems like the “cool-organic-thing-to-do”  I realized why i don’t do it…. it tends to play all the random songs that i don’t really listen to…. and then when i get one or two really good ones in a row, and i start to get excited, i get blasted with a beethoven symphony…. which i love…. but 30 some-odd minutes of orchestration has a way of stealing your “yeah, now i’m groovin,” feeling…. why is my brother’s ipod on shuffle so much cooler than mine??




2 responses

22 06 2008

Cool picture!!! Can’t wait until you get home! Hilton Head awaits…..Ahhhhh

23 06 2008

okay, this may be one of my favorites….. nice job!

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