25 06 2008

i accidentally got up too early today.  my roommate fell asleep with the tv on, and it woke me up… but it was one of those when you wake up refreshed and wide awake…. and when i looked at my phone i realized that my alarm was to go off in 3 min…. so it was actually a nice relaxing wake up… kinda.  So i got up, showered, got ready for work, took my meds, ate some breakfast, and headed out the door.  One of my friends from school, Kara, and I carpool to work bc we work the same schedule.  Today’s my day to drive so i sent her my morning text at 6:45 to let her know i was on my way and she quickly sent me one back…. it’s wednesday, we don’t work until 7:30, I just woke up.  Dang…. I hate when i do that…. On the up side… now i have time this morning, to read my blogs, write a little, and do a bit of facebook.

oh yeah… and strep is still hanging strong.  No more fever, and although the throat is feeling better, i still have to brace myself before swallowing my own spit…. it’s gonna be a day of pain killers to get me through work.




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