Stuff Kids say at the Y (day camp edition)

26 06 2008

So far this summer has been full of lots of laughs… and unfortunately 90% of them i can’t share on here due to the fact they are mostly body language, and facial expressions.  But still… my group of 4 year olds are hysterical… here’s a couple fun ones.

Blake (who is a squatty red-headed kid…. his head is roughly the size of a full grown man who has a big head…. and he’s ALL forehead.  Kelli ain’t got nothing on him)  anyway this was what he said

Blake: tomorrow for lunch i’m bringing poison and fire (and he says this all matter of fact, out of the blue with his hands on his hips and nodding his head to let us know “he’s serious”

(the next day) Papa(my co-worker aka shaun): Blake.. where’s the poison?

Blake: My mom said no

this just stuck me as extremely funny… someone who flat out says he’s bringing poison for lunch first asks his mom if it’s ok…. i dunno…. it’s funny

One of our kids, Nathan, has asperger’s syndrome, he’s a really great kid, but sometimes there’s just a little much going on for him and he goes CRAZY.  this was one of those days

Nathan is trying to punch another kid, Chase (who is 11) in the nuggets. Chase isn’t letting him do it (obviously) and is tired of messing with the kid so looks at me for some help.

Me: Nathan come on, let’s not punch Chase

Nathan: I’m trying to make him pee in his pants!

Me: well nathan, Chase is a big boy, he won’t pee in his pants, you’ll just hurt him

Nathan: but i’m trying to punch him in the wiener and if i punch hard enough, he might pee, and that would be hilarious!

Me: (trying really hard not to laugh) well maybe but lets go play with the volleyball

Nathan: if i punch you in the wiener, will you pee?

Me: no nathan, volleyball!

Nathan runs off with the volleyball and Chase is very thankful.




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