30 06 2008

today’s my birthday and my mom proved once again that she’s cooler than me…. she had my favorite waxahachie restaurant…. the pit…. come and cater lunch for me and my coworkers…. baked potato bar…. bbq beef, and all the fixins of a GREAT baked potato… FANTASTIC! everone i worked with didn’t wish me a happy birthday, but asked me to thank my mom for poppin me out.

all 123 Y kids sang me happy birthday today at the top of their lungs…. it was so cute i almost cried.  And they called me “birthday girl” all day and wanted hugs.  hehe….

oh yeah and i wore a “birthday girl” tiara and sash had dress-up clip on earrings, and carried a sparkly wand…. see




3 responses

30 06 2008

and the Cardinals even won for you on your birthday, too!

1 07 2008

Happy Birthday my sweet Kristi!
Your mom is way cool for thinking of that and you are way cool for being you! You are a true gift and I love you!

1 07 2008
Tammy (mom)

hope sushi was great last night…..I can’t wait for Thursday……. ….Saturday… me, you, ,Cubs, and our Cards…. gonna be a great day! love ya!

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