my little men

1 07 2008

today while playing outside, the wind shifted and i smelled cologne…. strong.  I then looked arond and realized that 3 of my boys were playing behind a tree.  I asked them to come out and aked them what they were doing.  They all look at me like they’ve been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and say nothing, in unison.  So I say, well i smell something that smells good, i just don’t know what it is.  Then my little Israel comes up and says with tons of attitude, we’re wearin’ cologne, baby!  Then Rylan pulled out a little bottle of axe out of his pocket, i held out my hand to look at it, and Rylan says… no, no mith thweekaws, dith ith for boyth (incase you need a translation, that’s no, no miss squeakers, this is for boys.)  good to know that my 4 year olds already know how to look out for girls…. and hit on them.




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