how come?

3 07 2008

Why is it that i’m spastic all the time, except when some kid gets smashed in the face with a rock…. then i’m the calm one

why is is that kids can keep a plate perfectly still and pay attention for 5 min, but then 5 seconds after you put a hot dog on it they forget what they are doing, drop their plate and run?

why are the bathrooms at the park always perfectly fine when other people are in charge of bathroom breaks, but the one time i’m in charge, and i’m in a little concrete box with 4 4-year olds, that saw sewage immediately comes bubbling out of the drain in the floor…. i got my girls out just in the nick of time.

Why is it that girls run screaming from raw sewage and boys bend down to get a closer look and dare each other to swim in it?

Why is it so funny to kids when i get scared because i was swinging too high??? seriously… i was above the top bar and the chain was gaining slack and jerking me as i came down and it became taught again…. i was dangerously close to being put into an episode of nickelodeon’s “Inside Out Boy”.

Why do people think it’s so funny when i say things like…. I done told you twice, i’m gonna send you to the moon, me and yous gonna go round and round,

Why can’t white boys make koolade or lemonade?….. the water to lemon ratio today was not good. ALWAYS put Shaun and Connelious in charge of drinks…. them boys know how to make um right.




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