Rabbit trailing

7 07 2008

Why do women rabbit trail so badly? I had breakfast with my mom “this morning” and afterwards, we were at her office and talking to the other lady that works with her. I began to tell them that i’m a little sore from a workout i got in the pool last night while playing with my nephew. I began to say that I was in the pool, and before i told what we did to make me sore, we had discussed the location and set up of the house, the set up of my mom’s house, how my mom would like to build onto the back of her house to expand her kitchen, the fact that Reda loves to swim, how my mom doesn’t like the water all that much… not enough to be in a suit around people, how i’m a water rat, and can put aside “body issues” and be comfortable around people in my suit to be in the water…. and then i finished the story about being in the pool with my nephew… We got back to it, but man it took like 30 min.




2 responses

7 07 2008

That reminds me of a marriage conference we had at our church a few years ago. They called it spiderwebbing.


8 07 2008

That is so funny and absolutely what we do. Men can’t stand it! You must be visiting your mom! Have fun!

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