grandma’s house

9 07 2008

my grandma hasn’t lived in her house for nearly 2 years. She moved in with us after a bad fall, and a few weeks ago we moved her into a nursing home. My aunt Pat, who lives in the Seattle area, comes to visit every summer for a few weeks (it’s always a highlight of the summer) is here and we are cleaning out gma’s house to sell it. I went yesterday to pick out a few things….. despite gma having a LOT of junk here are some of my favorite finds.

  • an old Harley Davidson tshirt… it’s orange and faded and i don’t think it could have ever fit my dad
  • a set of chinese spoons…. you know the ones you eat your miso with…. they’re super great because they hold a lot of liquid, it’s like a giant soup shovel…. Tiffany would LOVE them.
  • A big serving plate…. probably for a cake…. all painted with gold accents, and Jesus in the center…. lol
  • a big green glass art deco lamp
  • a box of love letters my grandpa wrote to grandma before they were married.  I didn’t read them…. it seemed too nosy.  but i love that she still has them.
  • this necklace that used to be my great aunt mavis’s (gma’s older sister) it’s kinda like a chandelier and crazy awesome…. dad thinks it’s probably from the 20’s or 30’s
  • a mother’s day card i made for grandma when i was young.  the front said “grandma mcgill’s report card” and then i graded her on several subjects.  Grandma got an A+ in loving, caring, nice, hugs, and effort.  hehe…i graded her on effort.



2 responses

9 07 2008
Erin W

Aww…Cool about the glimpse into the past. Sorry to hear your gma isn’t doing the greatest!

9 07 2008
Dad (Butch)

I want to see the orange Harley shirt! And I don’t appreciate the comment about “My Dad couldn’t ever have worn it!!!!!” But we did wear our shirts tight back in the day!!

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