potty mouthed kids

22 07 2008

My SIL Kelli was talking about a mom saying dirty words at the store…. you can read it here. And it reminded me of something that happened at the Y today.  We were leaving the park and i was counting heads… i should have had 11 little rascals…. but alas i was one short.  I quickly did a run over to figure out who was missing….. of course, Blake…. my favorite little red headed monster.  He cracks me up, but he is TERRIBLE. he’s not a regular rowdy-bad 4 year old.  He’s a thinker, and he can find a loop hole in EVERYTHING you say…. it’s kinda ridiculous. I look up and quickly spot him “hiding” at the top of a slide, unfortunately for him, his bright red hair was sticking out like a beacon giving away his location.  As i walked him, holding his wrist, towards the bus, i ignored all of his excuses as to why he needed me to let go of him.  Until he yelled that I had his water bottle.  (I did not, i had MY water bottle).

Blake (screaming) Hey! that’s my water bottle

Me(calm and only partly paying attention): No it’s not

Blake (still yelling): Yes it is! it’s MYYYYY water bottle and I want it

Me: Sorry Blake, i don’t know where your water bottle is, this is My water bottle

Blake: You know where my water bottle is, it’s in your hand, you’re a liar

Me (beginning to get frustrated): I’m sorry you’ve lost your water bottle, this is mine, not yours.

Blake (apparently even more frustrated than me): AAAAHHHHH THAT’S MY MOTHER FREAKING WATER BOTTLE!!!!!!

(i should note that he did say freaking, i’m not editing…. but still)

I flipped him around and got down on one knee so i could look him directly in the eye. and said that we do not talk that way to anyone because it is not nice… especially adults….. yadda yadda yadda

He immediately grinned from ear to ear and began giggling, because he knew he won.  AAAHHHHH! i hate when i’m out smarted by a 4 year old.




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22 07 2008

yikes! did you say anything to his parents?

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