I’m trying on new nicknames

23 07 2008

today’s field trip was the Fort Worth Zoo.  It was super hot (102….108 index) and we were there for 6 hours…. so although lots of fun, we were all pretty zonked at the end of the day.  Needless to say, all my kids fell asleep on the bus, should have been 50min but turned out to be 90min, ride home.  I was sitting on the edge of a seat with 3 other littlies. i sat with my feet in the isle and my knee on the seat across the isle.  Gabryel fell asleep laying on his back in that seat and his head on my leg.  Soon the girl sitting closest to me fell asleep with her head on my other leg, but so much on the edge of the seat that i had to reach around her and hold her on.  The girl in the middle then leaned over and fell asleep with her face on my back.  A few min later the 3 boys in the seat across the isle but a row a head of me fell asleep.  The kid who should have been leaning on the window turned around so he was laying on his back and his head in the lap of the kid in the middle.  This caused middle kid to slump over on isle kid.  This made isle kid nod and just about topple out of the seat with every bounce…. so, my inside leg that had a girl asleep on the thigh, was stretched across the isle so that my foot was on the seat holding isle boy’s rear to it…. he woke long enough to realize what was going on, and leaned over, his face somewhere between my shin and my calf and arms wrapped around my leg.  So i am now either the napanator, or the napster, i can’t decide.




2 responses

24 07 2008
Tammy (mom)

I vote napanator..

25 07 2008

Or you could just call yourself knappy

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