house sitting=cooking

7 08 2008

This week i’m house sitting with a couple of friends from school.  Since we have a house and a kitchen, i’ve been cooking dinner.  this has been really fun because we are all getting to eat good food, and i’ve been taking leftovers for lunch to work, and sharing with my co-workers…. and since it’s good food, i’ve been getting lots of praise which is great.  Lets face it, i kinda live for positive reinforcement. =)

Tonight was lasagna.  I don’t make fantastic lasagna, but it’s still super good.  Not tonight. I have never in my life ruined a meal. Tonights was ruined…. not able to be eaten… terrible. I’m not kidding…. i told Jen i was sorry, and she didn’t even say, oh it’s ok, it’s not that bad, or hey everyone messes up sometimes.  Don’t worry about it, it’s no big deal…. nope… she just said nothing and picked at her plate.  It was BAD. I am crushed.




2 responses

9 08 2008

So, maybe Jen should do the cooking! Don’t fret, dear. It happens to all of us. Love you!!!!!

11 08 2008
Tammy (mom)

don’t you remember the beef stoganoff we tried to make once? It was horrible.. ended up dumping it and going out for supper… win some loose some… you win most…I’m proud!

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