i love jimmy

15 08 2008

This weekend my “aunt and uncle” jim and alicia are in dallas for a church conference that alicia is a part of. Since she was busy all day, i hung out with jimmy. he’s king of super embarrassing/awkward moments.

First we had to stop at the Dallas Zoo’s world famous giraffe. He made me take super awkward pictures of him with it.

we went to the rangers game…. while we were there he made me laugh… you know the really embarrassing squeaky laugh…. he STOOD UP and started yelling….”what are you doing??? Stop!!! People don’t laugh like that!!” i was so embarrassed i was crying and laughing harder…. and i looked over and people in three sections where staring.

later at the ball game jim was scooting all around on the bleacher and he announced loudly that his butt itches…. and i said i’m sorry… and he said… it’s ok, it’s probably my new underwear… they’re meshy…. then he proceded to tell me that he liked the mesh underwears because they look good and feel good in the crotch.

On our way back to the car we were walking in a big crowd of people and he started screaming and running in circles around me. And then he ran off into the grass and over a hill…. i couldn’t find him so i stopped to look, and this gay cowboy says to me… “hey darlin’ you looking for that boy that screams? he’s up that a way.” so i started walking “that a way” and jim came running from behind me and screamed in my ear as he went by and i screamed super loud….. uhg




5 responses

15 08 2008
Kelli McGill

welcome to my childhood. glad you had fun 🙂

elle’s sleeping in your bed tonight…your dad called earlier & she has a fever. no fun!

15 08 2008

from now on i’m calling jim “that boy that screams”

16 08 2008

Yeah. That’s my brother-in-law. They never should have unstrapped him from his potty chair.

17 08 2008

I had to read this outloud to toph and then we both sat back and reflected on how much we enjoy knowing that man. he brings a feeling of “youthfulness” to the rest of us.

18 08 2008

first of all… you can’t say aunt and uncle and then switch the order of our names.
second of all… i had so much fun with you in dallas… so much fun that i put my emergency brake on just for the memories as i drove 70mph down the interstate.
go buffalo crap!

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