meat sweats and dying on the interstate

18 08 2008

i thought of some more junk that happened in the one day that i was with jimmy (that boy that screams)

while drivingn down the road… jimmy got really excited because he correctly guessed the artist singing from his ipod… he got so excited in fact that he jumped in his seat (while driving down 35E south) on his way back to his seat, he stepped on the emergency brake partway… the car started beeping at us… and it’s the kind you have to stomp all the way down to release… and he was pretty sure that if he did that while driving we’d die…. so we both drove screaming and sweating across several lanes of traffic to the nearest exit.

while at the ball game… i ate a turkey leg…. and then when i got done, i immediately started to sweat… this my friends is called the meat sweats…. when all you eat is meat, your body freaks out and you get sweaty/oily all over your skin…. it’s exaggerated when outside…. jimmy didn’t know about this… i taught him

we sat right next to the tampa bay bullpen and watched the guys warm out/freak out…. seriously they guy who was “in charge” pretty much looked like he didn’t know what baseball was the way he was running around.  And one of the guys in the pen… his name was Balfour…. that was the name across the back of his jersey…. we feel like if your name is Balfour, you should never go into the profession of pitching. He was pretty much the only guy in the pen that never got the call to warm up… go figure.




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18 08 2008

None of this is surprising. It’s a typical day with “That Boy That Screams.” Did I ever tell you about the day he and I drove to a family reunion in Wisconsin together? We were soooo late because he insisted we stop for Rocky Rococo’s Pizza and to get our pictures taken with a huge plastic cow.

Memories …

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