22 08 2008

The last week of camp our numbers have been way down, especially for my little rascals because many of them started school early.  most of the summer we ran about 10-12 4 year olds, but this week we have only had 4, two of which don’t show up until late morning.  The other day since i only had 2 kids in the morning, and we’ve been stuck inside due to rain all week, i decided it was time to finger paint!

this is Alaylah, she not only had paint all over her hands and face, but it was all over her knees and feet…. i don’t know how we managed to mostly keep it off her clothes.

this is Ethan (the one who peed in his eye) he had SOO much fun making hand prints and mixing colors to discover what they made.  unfortunately, he’s my clean freak so he finished first and immediately began to cry to have his hands clean.

Alaylah’s finished product… too cute right?  I thought she did fantastic.  I missed Ethan’s finished product, but it was super good too.




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