my most embarrassing day

23 08 2008

yesterday was our last day of day camp at the y.  I usually get off work at 2 but i had stuck around to watch our award ceremony and get some things together for afterschool care which starts on monday.  3:30-45 rolled around and I was the only girl around so I went to help get girls ready for swim time which starts at 4.  So i’m out on the deck talking to a few coworkers and watching the kids when one of the guys, Hercules, grabbed me and threw me in the pool…. in my clothes (I have nothing else to change into) AND my socks and shoes… gross.  This is just plain squishy and clingy and uncomfortable so i decided that Herc needed a swim as well… I had him around the waist and pulled within about a step of the pool when he broke my grip… i didn’t want to lose him completely so i sat down on his foot and wrapped my arms around his knee.  I’m trying to make him lose his ballance and get back up at the same time, and he drags me away from the pool (i’m still sitting on his foot). At this point someone says something super funny and I laugh real hard…. combined with the fact that I am wet and cold and haven’t been to the bathroom all day…. I peed a little.  Now… Herc would have never known because after all it was just a dribble and i’m soaking wet…. except that when it happened I gasped.  Herc immediately asked… What just happened? and i, a little too excitedly exclaimed, NOTHING!…. So now, Herc HAD to know and began pinching my arms and legs (remember the bruises from a few posts ago) I tried thinking of a lie…. but i’m no good under pressure and it just came out…. when i laughed i accidentally peed a little.  Everyone thought it was super funny…. except for herc.  And now…. after a whole summer of being that quirky, goofy, fun girl… on the very last day i became the girl that pees on people.




2 responses

23 08 2008

Wow, Kristi. I hope that was somehow cathartic to get that out. Because you will NEVER sit on our couch again!

24 08 2008
Dad (Butch)

Some things are better unsaid! Especially put into print! But then if you can laugh with others about yourself I think your pretty well rounded and comfortable with yourself?!

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