25 08 2008

it was today…. super fun!  I only had 8 kids today!!! last year i ran 23…. 6 girls and 17 boys. I have 11 signed up but only 8 shows today.  I know my numbers will grow in my next few weeks, but the low numbers are refreshing.  We had so much fun today teaching the kids procedures.  Harry Wong (yes that’s really his name) writes and gives lots of conferences about classroom management and he says that the first week of school should be pretty much just teaching procedures.  So today we learned lots of rules… and i of course add my own quirks…. what fun are rules if you can’t have some to laugh at right?  LIKE….. in the hallway we have to be sneaky (so the kids tip toe like spies through the hallway… CUTE!  AND i hate listening to screaming all day…. so we are only allowed to scream for blood and snakes.   All in all we had a really fun day.  OH!  I have Travion’s little sister Destinee!  (boom boom)  Her momma calls her boom boom because she doesn’t mess with travion… when he’s messing with her she pulls back and full swing punches him!  HA! i love it.  Anyway…. i’m glad to be back, and looking forward to the year!




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25 08 2008

I had my first real day with kids today too!! We’re off……can you believe summer is over?? Ugh. Just wait until you hear what I did last Thursday!!!!

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