Exodus 2

27 08 2008

Most of this i got from somewhere else…. but i’m gonna share anyway

In Exodus 2, Moses has killed the Egyptian for “helping out” a fellow Hebrew and is on the run.  He stops in Midian and these shephards come along to mess with Jethro’s daughters.  Now Moses could have thought… you know last time i tried to help somebody out, i became a murderer and an outlaw… but that didn’t stop him from helping this time…. he came to the rescue of the daughters and then went and watered their flock for them.

This is a great example of how God prepares his servants to do his work.  It’s like a babystep to the “big rescue” Moses will do later. We have to be willing to do God’s little work so that we can be ready to do His big stuff

Meanwhile it says that the Hebrews are crying out to God to deliver them, and it says that God heard their groaning and remembered his covenant with Abraham. Now… God doesn’t actually speak here… but if he did, it’s almost like he’s saying…. I hear you! Even now I’m watching your deliverer making babysteps and getting ready for your delivery! We may not see God working, we may feel like He’s forgotten us… but He hears us when we call… and He’s getting stuff ready… we just need to wait!




One response

27 08 2008

I like that. Good blog. Consider yourself “high 5’d.”

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