Rainy Day Painting

9 09 2008

Yesterday, my kids did “rainy-day” paintings.  They finger painted and then we layed their paintings out in the rain to see how the water would run the colors together and we could discover what new colors were made.  It wasn’t actually raining, so i pulled out a magic rain bottle (squirt bottle filled with water) which the kids fought over to squirt…. irony… an hour later, after we finished, my beautiful sunny day gave way and it actually rained… it’s been raining ever since.  Anyway the results were pretty fun… i snapped a shot of a couple for ya.

This one was CJ’s he was into the handprints… as soon as he started he put one hand in red and one hand in  yellow and proudly proclaimed… I’m making a ketchup and mustard painting!…. he soon gave into the pressure and added blue.

This art belongs to Destinee, aka giggle box, and travion’s little sister.  she created one of my favs.




2 responses

10 09 2008
Tammy (mom)

I love kids hand prints…. It what you do in the life of a child that matters…..

10 09 2008
Dad (Butch)

Yes Kristi and I think there is much more rain on the way!!

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