Hearers of Rumors Beware

14 09 2008

Last night i got a phone call from my bff bethany. She asked me if i have cancer.  I don’t.  Apparently, my Gma, In a nursing home, told her Gma, who is my gma’s suitemate… that i have cancer.  Bethany’s Gma told Bethany’s dad who told bethany, who asked me.  We aren’t sure if there was a problem in translation between crazy gmas, or if my gma really thinks i have cancer…. but either way, I don’t.  So…. no fear…. if you hear i have cancer, don’t belive it.   I kinda want to call my gma and say… no no grandma, it’s not cancer, it’s Texas. I’m not gonna lie… i can understand the confusion.  =)




3 responses

14 09 2008

Oh. I started that rumor. I didn’t think you would mind. 🙂

15 09 2008
Dad (Butch)

Grandma knows nothing about this Kristi so I don’t know if she has completely lost it of if Bethany’s grandma is the one with the problem! Grandma’s only concern about you on Sunday was if you were effected by the hurricane.

18 09 2008

Or, she’s completely forgotten about it altogether, which is entirely possible!

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