20 09 2008

remember that time i broke my toe (last weekend)

remember that time i went cliff jumping (today)

I hurt a lot now.

the jump was about 35-40 feet. It was super fun, and my booty is a little bruised because the first time i jumped i landed a bit of my backside instead of going in straight. But it was super duper fun.  the only bad part was getting back up we had to climb a little bit and the ground was real uneven so i couldn’t compensate for injured toe and walk flat or on the side of my foot.  Several times i had to balance myself on my injured foot and therefore put stress on my toe.  And trying to stay off of it and climb/hike means my lower back kills.  But it was super fun and really worth it.  i’d do it again.

After we got done jumping, my friend amy and i went back to the woods to change out of our wet suits, on the way back, amy wanted to scream and pretend we saw a snake to see what the boys would do.  Our good friend Jonathan (classic gentlemanly good ‘ole outdoorsie boy from arkansas) immediately started hiking towards us and picking up big sticks on the way with which to kill the snake (so cute right?).  Then the other boys headed out towards us too.  Amy and I were “frozen with fear” and didn’t want to walk back so the boys made a wall of people so we could walk behind them and they’d “protect” us from the snake. Ha! it was adorable.

After driving back I made dinner for everyone.  Earlier this week, while planning today, jonathan and i decided that i’d make apple crisp tonight… today, that quickly turned into making dinner.  We had a whole homemade meal.  I made mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, and apple crisp, and jonathan made  brocoli bake. And then we bought some kfc. (i thought this was funny…. a whole homemade meal and a big box of fried chicken)  Even so, it was yummy.  And a lot of fun.  I want more weekends like this one.




One response

21 09 2008

I’m SO GLAD that you’ve had a great weekend! I know it’s been tough lately. it sounds as though God is blessing you with an entirely new bunch of buddies?

Why didn’t you make deviled eggs?

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