fever blister, canker sores

22 09 2008

i don’t know what you call um when they’re on the outside…. but i usually get one twice a year.  One in the summer and one christmas break… like clockwork.  And i always get them in the left corner of my mouth.  right in the crease where you wouldn’t notice it too too bad. Well i didn’t get one this summer… and i didn’t get one this past Christmas… however, one popped up saturday…. and i feel like it said… oh yeah, remember how i’ve been nice to you and haven’t shown up in over a year??? I’m gonna make up for it and TAKE OVER YOUR FACE!!!! uhg.

the lighting of this pic doesn’t do it justice… it’s like the size of a friggin quarter.




One response

22 09 2008


Kristi … you are still gorgeous. Relax.


No, seriously. You always look stunning…

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