things i’m loving right now

23 09 2008

my sparkling bathroom.  it looks and smells so nice!

my new fluffy mattress cover… mmmmm cozy

the fact that my hands still smell like comet and that other lavender cleaner i use

the giant mound of pillows and blankets on my bed awaiting fresh sheets, cases, and duvet coverlets

making the perfect water/lemonade blend in the caf (seriously, that stuff in the machine is potent)

having a hyperventilating laugh in the caf at the table next to the president

having the president make an announcement that all is well and not to worry…. when talking about me

the fact that i just noticed that my chair isn’t so awesome because i’ve been sitting with my bag of text books behind me all night

my “broken toe” it’s starting to look cool. and i can bend it a little…. at least enough that i can walk almost normal and save myself foot at back cramps.




One response

24 09 2008
Tammy (mom)

hummmm things I’m lovin right now… your contagious spirit, Elle’s right to sit on the couch cushion on the floor and Kelli’s gift of hospitality and organization….. in other words… I’m lovin my girls right now!

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