25 09 2008

i just watched ER and there was a preview for the next episode…. or for the season…. and it said the return of familiar faces… and it showed Dr. Green.  DR. GREEN!!!!  I love Dr. Green as much as the next guy… but are we supposed to just sit back and ignore the fact that he died of a brain tumor??? This is ER, prime time drama… not some silly daytime soap!!! Death is real in prime time i tell you, REAL!




3 responses

25 09 2008

Kristi I love you because you are just so stinken AUTHENTIC!

26 09 2008
Mom (Judy)

Maybe his wife is going to wake up, find him coming out of the shower and realize it was all a dream…oh, wait: that was “Dallas” about 2 decades ago. Seriously…..I was sad that Dr. what’s-his-name died last night on ER. I actually teared-up.

29 09 2008
Lauren E.

He’s coming back in a flash-back sequence. 🙂 No reincarnation this time!

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