some thoughts.

29 09 2008

if we are supposed to stay away from horizontal stripes because they make us look wide… why are they everywhere?  Seriously, i’d say roughly 93% of knitwear comes in a horizontal stripe.

Why are boys willing to do practically anything for a dollar?  Seriously, i ate lunch with a boy today who ate an entire banana… peel and stem, for a dollar.  I gagged a little. So did he, but he wouldn’t admit it….. oh yeah, and then he “slyly” took my phone and when i left i asked for it back, he pulled it out of his pocket and as he set it in my hand said “don’t sniff it.”  REALLY?  gross.

Why is it that even when i don’t have anything to do, i still run out of time to do anything before work.




3 responses

29 09 2008

he ate the WHOLE banana? you know what banana’s make you do, right? and then he put you phone in his pocket? you got any lysol around there?

29 09 2008

1. because fashion is designed for anorexic models who want to hide the fact that their anorexic, so the horizontal stripes make them look normal.

2. boys would secretly do those things for free if they thought they could get away with it. offering them a dollar is just giving them permission.

3. you’re a mcgill…time management is not one of our strengths.

30 09 2008

you should see what Tim Cox will drink for $5 🙂

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