Conversing with 5 year olds

7 10 2008

Today a couple of my boys were fighting over some legos, so I, being all diplomatic and stuff, decided to tell them a story to help them figure out the importance of cooperation.  I was at the time playing with a giant rubber ant so i started talking to the boys about ants.  I told them about how they’re so strong they can carry 10x their body weight (and since this was a very abstract idea, i tried to make it a little more concrete by saying….. that would be like your mom carrying your car….. not a perfect analogy, but it works)  And then i told them how ants work together to get big things back to their homes.  So then, i asked the boys…. what can we learn from the ants?  If we are trying to do something we can’t do by ourselves, what should we do?  I got two answers simultaneously.

1. Aiden- work together (yes!)

2. CJ- get some ants! (stink)

Later in the day the boys were calling each other names… sorta.  CJ was upset because the boys were calling him DJ…. not exactly name calling, but before i intervened, I wanted to see if they could resolve it themselves.  So then the boys (without any help) took turns telling each other what names everyone could call them.

CJ- You can call me CJ… or Charles, cuz that’s my long name

Anthony- you can only call me Anthony or Tony….. oh, or Stunt man.




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