CJ’s at it again

14 10 2008

Today i was getting CJ out of time out and we were talking about why he was there…. oh wait we can’t call it time out anymore… the YMCA thinks it’s too negative…. I was getting CJ our of “renewal time” or as we like to call it at Marvin, “park” he was parked for making farting sounds.  I know all boys should be allowed to make fartty sounds… but I have a strict no bathroom words/sounds policy.  Call me mean, call me a fun sucker, but i get tired of hearing the words, poop, butt, fart, and all their derivitives 87kX’s/min. The conversation went a little like this…

Me: Why were we sitting in the corner CJ?

CJ: cuth I made faw-ding thounds.

Me: right, and why don’t we do that?

CJ: cuth it’s nawt nith (not nice).

Me: right, and we don’t say bathroom words and body part words right?

CJ: right… but but we can thay awrm and head, we jutht can’t thay body parth that we have to cuhvuh up (we can say arm and head, we just can’t say body parts that we have to cover up)

Me: very good, that’s exactly right

CJ: and we can’t thay thut up ee-duh, cuth dats weally mean and weally bad.

Me: right, we should only say friendly words.

CJ: and we weally weally can’t thay what the f*** cuth that’s weally bad.

Me: (biting my cheek really hard to keep from cracking a smile) right, we should never ever say that ever… not even to say that we shouldn’t say it.

CJ. yeah!!




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