relatively unscathed

20 10 2008

We’re back in texas…. the trip home was…. eventful.  A little ways outside st. louis, we got stuck in a parking lot.  There was a REALLY bad wreck and i-44 was shut down in both directions.  The eastbound lanes was even worse than our side… and it took us about an hour and half to go a little less than 3 miles.  When we got to the site, there was a tractor trailer that had been on fire, the cab was basically melted to the road.  Just a little further down there was a boat on it’s side…. but we had no idea it was once a boat until we got past it and saw the engine. And then there was an suv smashed up against the bluffs on the side of the road and it had once been on fire too… yikes!

Through finding groups of people driving fast, only stopping for gas, and making our gas stops as efficient as possible, we gained an hour of that hour and half back.  But just inside the texas border, there were a bunch of big rocks in the road and no way to really miss them…. however shayla didn’t see them in tme to even hit the smaller ones… so we drove over a giant one…. poor Lola.  We stopped and checked her out and all the tires were good and we made it home without a hitch.  However, when i got out this morning to go to my observations, my tire was flat. =(.  shayla helped me changed my tire, and now i’m off to get a new one.  Fun fun fun




2 responses

20 10 2008

Sooooo … you are retiring?

20 10 2008
Kelli McGill

oooooh no!

well, it could have been a lot worse…right?

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