My best lesson yet.

23 10 2008

Every tuesday/thursday i have “literacy lab.” Basically, i’m in one of the local elementary schools, and i have kids at risk for reading difficulties that i pull out of their classrooms each for 30min twice a week to give them some extra help. Today, my first grader, Hunnar, was working on r controlled vowels, specifically -ar-.  “ar” is tricky because you can’t sound it out… you don’t hear the a like you should…. (think car… you don’t hear a as in apple you just hear r as in the pirate said AARRRR.)  So first we look at the word car, he recognizes this word and reads it immediately. Then i ask, do you hear the “a” sound in this word?  he says no he just hears the r… so then we talk about the r…. In AR combos, the R takes the sound from the a and it says it’s name “r”.  I’m expecting this to be a little troublesome and that we will need to go over and over it so that he gets the idea…. but pretty quick, Hunnar not only catches on, but he makes it his own…. he put it like this….

Hunnar: “So R is like a burglar?”

Me: Yeah, i think so… tell me what you mean

Hunnar: The R steals the a sound

Me: YES!! That’s exactly right!!! good for you!!! (i’m super excited) and then the boy in Hunnar comes out…

Hunnar: So the R is like… hey A i’m stealing your sound… and just so you know, my name is R!

he then went on to do other variations of this…. hey A i’m a pirate, and i’m stealing your treasure and putting a sock in your mouth… AARRRRRRRR  (he even made a hook hand when acting like the pirate)




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23 10 2008

You are training these young minds to be warped just like yours (sniff, sniff. I’m so proud of you!)

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