worn out

30 10 2008

I haven’t written in quite a while… partly because of time restraints and partly because i haven’t really had anything to write. I’m not really writing now either…. But here’s a quick rundown.  tuesday i didn’t go to school because i ate something not so great and spent all night/morning throwing up…. it was rough.  Tonight was the YMCA fall festival… it was a ton of fun, but it wore me out. I was supposed to volunteer from 6:30-7:30 but i ended up being there nearly 3 hours.  The first part was the most fun because i was the face everyone saw as they came in I handed everyone their tickets for the hay ride.  I know it was completely different, but it felt a lot like working at the cafe, and i didn’t realized how much i missed it.  I wish mom could have been there to see it, i was “working the room” like a champ! I was on my way out the door, after everyone was in and my job was over (about 7:45) and my boss caught me and asked if i could cover a booth just until she could get me a replacement.  I helped set up giant blow up bowling pins while kids rolled a big yoga ball at them. I had to jump up and down and hoop and holler.  My replacement came about 8:15. I was ducking out as quickly as i could when tony, the ceo, stopped me and asked if i could be the trash girl…. so i walked around for the next 45min picking up wrappers, cups, napkins, and sticky candy leftovers…. awesome!  all in all, it was fun, but i’m ready for bed!!




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30 10 2008

You’re getting old, McGilla … In days gone by you could have done this and then gone dancin …

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