i’m soo global

2 11 2008

This morning i went to church with some friends and i was paying close attention as the pastor started a series on Malachi.  when all of the sudden i became acutely aware of the fact that the room smelled like Dr. Pepper.  Before i knew it, i was thinking about why the room could possibly smell like dr. pepper, and how i must be in texas because it’s the only place that Dr. Pepper is so revered that they would have rooms smelling of the stuff… and then i thought, maybe the room doesn’t smell like Dr. Pepper at all and i just have it on the brain…. which led me to the quick conclusion, that maybe I’ve been in Texas too long if i am fabricating the smell of Dr. Pepper in my brain…. Next thing you know, i have no idea what the pastor is talking about.  Uhg…. live would be so much easier if i wasn’t so stinking global.




2 responses

2 11 2008

So the devil used Dr. Pepper to distract you from God?

4 11 2008

I used the word “global” at your dad’s birthday dinner at Maggiano’s and Pastor Rick made incessant fun of me. I’m so glad you used that word! Thank you, sweetie!!! You know….it never smells like Dr. Pepper here at home!!!

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