6 11 2008

Today was the first day since june that i was going to take a sick day from work.  I had a serious migrane.  But there was only one person that i really trusted to take my spot and she couldn’t do it…. so i figured, eh, i’ll tough it out.  i get to work and find out that my school is putting on their fall festival…. and no one told me.  We were kicked out of the cafeteria and the gym (our only inside places) and it gets dark outside about 5:45…. that gave me 45min with kids and no where to go.  Not to mention tons of extra stress due to hundreds of extra people running around. Gah.  Today was also the first day in quite sometime that i didn’t have a bunch of homework to do tonight. I was looking forward to going to bed by 9…. especially since working through my migrane has totally wiped me out…. but alas, today is campus days and i have 2 sparkley eyed teenagers camping in my room…. it might be rude of me to go to bed that early……. gah




2 responses

7 11 2008

You are way too responsible. Would you be my role-model?

7 11 2008
Dad (Butch)

I hope you are feeling better today (7th) I am going to bed with a migrane! Thanks for sharing!

Love you!

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