no longer a tent camping virgin.

8 11 2008

Ok…. so before last night i have slept in a tent exactly twice…. once in the back yard at the farm and once in the church annex. I don’t think these count as camping…. So last night i went camping with a friend of mine from school, his parents, and 5 guys that they brought from arkansas for campus days…. some more people from school were supposed to come, but they backed out at the last min….. anyway.  I slept in a tent (which i put up (with help)) by myself….. it got down to about 41degrees last night…. in case you aren’t sure… that’s really cold for sleeping.  I wore socks to bed, (that’s a big deal), fleece pants, an undershirt, a long sleeved tshirt, a hoodie zipped up to my chin and hood up, inside a sleeping bag pulled up to my nose, two of grandma’s afghans on top of that wrapped around me, a double fleece blanket on top of that pulled over my head, my hand pulled inside my sleeves and wrapped around my nose which was tucked inside my hood.  After laying perfectly still for about 10min to ensure that cold air couldn’t find a way inside, i warmed up enough to fall asleep, and even though i was laying on the hard texas ground, i didn’t wake up until morning… i’m not sure what time because i didn’t have a clock, but no one else was up so i dozed on and off until about 9 when i got out and stretched.  It was FABULOUS.  I slept so good and woke up so refreshed it was kinda ridiculous.  I think i’m hooked for life.




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9 11 2008

your brother and I sat on bench in Cabela today & did quite a bit of people watching. we pretty much decided that we were very different then anyone else in the store…sounds like you are one of “them”.

9 11 2008

Let’s do it! The ground is softer up here…it’ll be even better! I haven’t been tent camping since my childhood so I really want to try it. Sadly I married a Woods who is incapable of leaving the comfort of his King size Sealy. Please say you’ll tent with me.

9 11 2008
Dad (Butch)


The reason Joe and Kelli were in Caela’s was because they were with me! Elle loved it!!!!!

10 11 2008
Tammy (mom)

let’s go camping…. nothing better than a good night sleep. beautiful stars, and breakfast the next morning on a coleman stove…. awwww memories of my childhood

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