just… you know

17 11 2008

i’ve been failing with the self control the last couple of days….

yesterday i watched white christmas….. twice…. well sorta…. the first time i watched it… but i was doing other things…making snowflakes… so i mostly watched it.  The second time, I was talking to a friend on facebook and he was watching white christmas and quoting lines to me… and i couldn’t keep up, and i didn’t want to be beaten… so i put it back on and fast forwarded to about where he was so i could beat him to the punch on some lines.  I think he still beat me.  He can pretty much quote the movie verbatim….. I can’t.  But he watches is periodically throughout the year… not just the christmas season.  BUT he’s never EVER seen Holiday Inn…. So I can’t really admit total defeat.  I’d kill at that one.   Am I rambling??? Oh yeah… on the the second part of my lack of self control…. I’m finishing up my second pot of coffee this morning…. with no food in my belly.  I haven’t had this much coffee in the morning since working at TR’s… and i would just keep filling my cup and not pay attention to how much a drank…. I’m super jittery…. it’s kinda fun tho.  I’m apologizing in advance to anyone who has to be around me today…. it might be annoying… I’m just saying…. OOOOO gotta go, coffee JUST kicked in. YIKES




One response

17 11 2008

what? You can’t blog while sitting on the john?

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