my favorite things

24 11 2008

about this picture (taken to send to someone to show my haircut) 1. my giant sunglasses (which i found and did not buy) 2. you can see my reflection in the door behind me and apparently, i stand with my legs crossed.

11160810351when you take a big swig of really fizzy coke (that’s coke not soda for you silly southerners) and it makes your eyes water

the smell of crisp cool air first thing in the morning

sunsets from planes

goosebumps from really sappy movies

watching terribly cheesy movies with old friends and secretly loving them despite all the fun you make

learning people’s old nicknames

sleeping when it’s super cold and you get to hunker down and snuggle up

watching people pretend they like the stupid elementary crafts you make them so they don’t hurt your feelings

really smooth rocks

Having a conversation with someone stretch a whole day via text messages

how pretty i feel with freshly painted toenails even though no one is seeing them

front hugs (shhhh don’t tell SAGU)




One response

25 11 2008
Kelli McGill

how about the phrase “Hip, Hip, Hooray!”

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