welcome back to work

1 12 2008

Every now and then, when i’ve been away from work for a few days, i begin to forget that my kids are big messes.  today i was reminded.  While playing outside a couple of my boys got into a bit of a fight.  I was talking to one of the boys after his time out to redirect his actions….

me: why were we sitting in time out

Kyler: cuz i pushed aiden.

Me: right, and is that something we should do?

Kyler: No

Me. Why not?

Kyler: because it’s not friendly

Me: very good, now what should we do next time?

Kyler: Not hit

Me: great, and then what should you do (i’m going for tell a teacher or walk away or both)

Kyler: Kill him!

gah! and we were doing so well! Later, Kyler asked one of my girls, Alaylah, if he could touch her stomach, she immediately shook her finger at him and yelled, Noooo boy! (with hip action and plenty of attitude) Kyler didn’t seem to be too discouraged because about 5 min. later when Alaylah’s dad arrived to pick her up, Kyler introduced himself saying that he was Alaylah’s boyfriend so he can kiss her anytime he wants.  Alaylah’s dad’s eyes just about popped out of his head and i’m pretty sure he wanted to kick the poor little thing across the room.




3 responses

1 12 2008

I like Kyler.

2 12 2008
Tammy (mom)

you’re the best teacher ever…… welcome back

2 12 2008
Nick N

“Kill him!”


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