the joshua project

2 12 2008

Remember in Joshua Chapter 10 when Joshua and the Israelites were fighting and Joshua asked for the sun to stand still so that they would have more time to fight?? And God did it? The sun delayed going down for a whole day! I love verse 14 where it says, “There has never been a day like it before or since, a day when the LORD listened to a man.  Surely the LORD was fighting for Israel.”  Well, I know it says it hasn’t happened since, so it can’t really happen again… because that would make a liar out of the book of Joshua…. But i was thinking…. maybe since i’m a WOMAN…. God could make the sun stand still for a whole day again…. or keep it from rising…. i’m not picky.  So i can have an extra day to get all my work done before the end of the semester.  Then someday people can say, Surely the LORD was fighting for Kristi.




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3 12 2008

My dear, He fights for you every single day. He loves you for the precious daughter that you are. You don’t need the sun to stand still. Just seek Him. (And I know that you do that.) Everything else will be fine.

Trust me on this. I know.

3 12 2008
Tammy (mom)

Ron, I couldn’t have said it any better. My prayer today is that God multiplies your quiet moments so that they are productive and stress free… love ya!

3 12 2008

ok ok ok…. maybe i should have clarified…. i know he fights for me, it’s kinda ridiculous how much he does, and i don’t take it lightly how great he is…. i was just being funny because i want an extra day or two shoved in the middle of this end of the semester so i have time to finish my work…. and i thought it would be fun to spiritualize it. ha

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