8 12 2008

This is my 200th post. I was trying to think of a really great way to celebrate and write some fantastically funny something that would have all six of you peeing in your pants…. but the pressure was too great… so i’m just gonna get this one over with.  I’m really hot, but not in the, oh wow, you’re hot! kind of way…. in the gah, i’ve been sweating all day and smell like a dirty old man kind of way.  I have a gazilion things to do before i can call this week done. There is a good chance that i might cause bodily harm to the girls that just walked down my hall singing screaming “oh happy day” They are now two floors above me and it’s still excruciating.  SO…. i say all that to say, i am in no mood for a good post…. so if you want one that might make you laugh, i suggest you go here, here, or here. And to commemorate my making it to the big Two-double-Oh, everyone should leave a message. THAT MEANS YOU THERE WITH THE FACE LOOKING AT YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN.

ps…. while creating my links i found out that this was my second most popular post of all times. Second only to the “grossest ever” which is the third link above….. sorry joe.




8 responses

9 12 2008
Dad (Butch)

Well…..Kristi……congrats on your 200th post! By the way Grandma got a cast today! You should be able to sign it when you get home for Christmas Break!

9 12 2008

Congrats on the accomplishment. Hope you have a great holiday season and the “upstairs people” quiet down soon!

9 12 2008

Why did you have to mention “dirty old men” in your 200th post? You ruined it!


9 12 2008

Congrats on 200! You’re my hero!

9 12 2008

Kristi, you are my favorite blogger EVER! I mean … you make getting up in the morning exciting! thank you for all 200 posts!

9 12 2008

I’ve been waiting all day, Kristi, for your blog #201! Bring it!!!!!

9 12 2008

Did I mention that I just love your blogging skills!

9 12 2008

This is debbie

Kristi , You are the best with that joyfull smile and laugh. We also love the great writing skills


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