9 12 2008

i begged and pleaded for your comments… and i got 7. SEVEN! pathetic guys, really.  anyway, i digress.

Last night, i was talking with a friend about scar stories.  I’ve always loved scar stories, and i’ve always loved having scars…. there’s something tough about them right??? Well last night when telling my scar stories i realized that i don’t have cool, tough scar stories, i have WHAT??? that’s ridiculous scar stories.  I’ll give you 3 simple examples.

1. i have a scar on my foot from a friend who went to wake me up by tapping my foot with a spoon, not realizing that said spoon was super hot, it melted my skin to it and ripped the skin off.  The wound got infected, i got blood poisoning, and according to the doctor, i nearly died.

2. i have a scar on my arm from this time that i was swimming in my pool with some friends and we were playing a game and one of my friends jumped in the pool on top of me and sliced my arm open with his toenail.  TOENAIL!

3. i have a scar across my thigh from a time that i attended CM’s coronation dance (the one where you wear the hoop dresses) I was wearing my sister’s old set of hoops, one of the hoops broke and the metal sliced my leg open.

So just to recap…. three of my scars caused by 1. a spoon 2. a toe nail 3. a dress.




5 responses

9 12 2008

for the record I LEFT 5 OF YOUR 8 COMMENTS. and i don’t even rate an “honorable mention????”

9 12 2008

I’m scarred by CM’s hoop dresses too–psychologically. 🙂

9 12 2008

I have a scar on my head…I got it in your back/side yard. It is from my sister whacking me in the head with a golf club. Thank goodness your mom was there…and knew what to do!!! lol (I still laugh at my stupidity)

10 12 2008

hold up. what about these:

1 – scar on your arm from where you went through a plate glass door when you and I were racing. luckily for me i was wearing a baseball glove and came away unharmed.

2 – the scar on your foot from where your grandma RAN YOU OVER WITH HER CAR!!! (that’s a good one)

12 12 2008
Dad (Butch)

There ya go chicadee your brother knows your cool scar stories. Your grandma running over your foot is an awesome foot story! How about when she brought you down to my school and yelled my name so loud while I was doing the morning announcements everyone in the school knew something was up!!

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