Why i’m glad i’m from Illinois

11 12 2008

i’m glad i’m from Illinois. Here are a few reasons

  • In illinois it’s not necessary to post signs on restaurant doors saying that fire arms aren’t allowed.
  • We must wear our seat belts, it is unacceptable to ride around in the back of a pick up, and you can eat out, go bowling, even hear a great band in a ( gasp) bar without having to fight smoke.
  • When we say we want a coke, we get a coke, not a dr. pepper, a sprite, or a rootbeer.
  • we say chuck, not chunk when refferring to throwing something…. webster’s dictionary agrees with me.  Chuck means to toss; throw with a quick motion, usually a short distance….. while Chunk according to the dictionary is.. a thick mass or lump of anything.
  • when we are in the store, we push a cart, not a buggy.

unfortunately sometimes we have governors try and sell senate seats… and president elects are ducking questions about their knowledge and involvement…. shocking.




3 responses

11 12 2008

I agree! And might I add …
– We know that radio and TV stations are suppose to start with “W” and not “K.” Yes, it matters.
– We might say “Knee high by the 4th of July” but if it’s not knee high by Memorial Day it’s an off year.
– Good enough for Abe … good enough for me.
– When we do have people who try to sell senate seats they get a seat of their own for a loooooong time. And a mattress on a concrete block.
– Our restaurants are not smoking but our women are!

11 12 2008
Dad (Butch)

I agree with Ron especially his last point!
There are quality people who live south of RT. 80!
Chicago should be another state!
Anyone who votes for a politician who comes from Chicago needs to have an IQ check.
Those who refuse to learn HISTORY are bound to relive it!
Believe it or not there are more conservative townships than liberal at least 3 to 1!
Illinois has 102 counties it is sad that statewide elections are decided by no more than 4 or 5!
The Greatest President to ever serve called Illinoins Home!
His name was Honest Abe and thankfully his true character matched his name!

3 01 2009
Aaron Palenske


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