boys will be boys

12 12 2008

It was nearing the end of my work day, i had about 5 kids left to be picked up when we went for a restroom break.  The custodian informed me that the boys bathroom was closed and the boys would have to use the girls’ room.  Not that big of a deal since i only had one boy and he’s the brother of 2 of my girls.  So while i was waiting for my last girl to come out of the restroom, I was telling Derek (the lone boy) to be sure he put the seat down when he was finished…. to which his response was, why? my sisters never put the seat up for me!!…. That maybe so, i replied, but you are using the GIRLS’ room, so you should leave it ready for the GIRLS.  This argument seemed just fine for Derek, so when his little sis trotted out, he skipped in.  A minuite or two later, Derek came out to wash his hands, I asked him if he remembered to put the seat down, and he told me, I didn’t put it up so that i wouldn’t have to remember to put it down.   He must have seen the look on my face because he immediately followed up with, Don’t worry, I’m a great aimer…… I checked, he didn’t lie.




One response

12 12 2008

I just do not want your job.

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