Reuniting the band

31 12 2008

last night i was home alone.  And sometimes that means strange things happen…. I was sitting in the mom and pop room all alone and after a while it became impossible to ignore the elephant in the corner… or in my case the saxophone…. so i whipped it out and played a little…. after a little hot cross buns actions i decided that i’m awesome and played joy to the world.  I even took a picture via my macbook’s photo booth of me rocking out.


Well…. then i thought my trumpet might be lonely, so i went downstairs and got it. I didn’t think i’d be able to play it at all since it’s been several years…. so i buzzed a bit, then i ran through a couple octives of a chromatic scale and decided that i’m as awesome as i’ve ever been and played the good ole roxana school song, from memory.  I was going to play the whole pregame show… but after the national anthem, my chops were done…. i’m a little out of shape, and today my lips are a smidge swollen and i kinda feel like i’ve been punched in the face.  Oh well…. it was still a top night.




3 responses

31 12 2008

Hey sis. Has it really come to that? The ‘rents were only gone for 10 hours and you were so bored that you broke out the brass?? I didn’t think coming home was THAT bad. I’m glad you had fun. Next time, you should put Logan on his violin and make it a duet.

31 12 2008

HahA!!!! LOVED IT!!!! I love music!!!

7 01 2009

You should come and play with the pep band. Sabaj would love it.

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