Old Friends, old times

1 01 2009

Today i rang in the new year with two old high school buddies.  my friend steph and i went to the grocery store to pick up a few things to make to take to our friend casey’s.  We were crashing her family party and felt it only fair that we bring stuff.  So we picked up the makings for pico de gallo… and as i have never made it before wasn’t sure how much stuff we would need…. we started cutting up veggies and before we knew it had 2 giant Pyrex bowls full of the stuff…. anyone want to have a party??? i have the pico!  We also got stuff for her to make this buffalo chicken dip, and i made cookies… (already had the fixins for that).  Anyway… while at good old shop-n-save, steph and i discovered a few things…. one.  we really shouldn’t be allowed in public together… we were obnoxious… while getting chips, we decided we had to get the “scoops” tostidos. and couldn’t find them… finally i spotted them and exclaimed… SCOOPS! Stephanie immediately responded with… jeez could you be any louder?? This of course is a challenge, so i yelled scoops really loud… and he turned a little purple with embarrassment.  mission accomplished.  Next i realized that the scoops were on the top shelf and there were only 3 bags left so they were all the way to the back.  I had to jump to reach them.  The first bag i got on my first try, but the second took several jumps… and each jump came with a bit of a grunt and a hoooya…. when i got it, i realized that i had accumulated an audience and received a round of applause….. awesome.

During this trip, steph and i also realized that shop n save has some weird stuff…. One… they have a whole section of shelving devoted to “saint candles” i found this really odd and pretty funny, so i got my picture taken with them…

1231081609We also found out that if you want cake… but not a whole one… no worries! for a buck and a half, you can buy a whole column of a mistake cake or a forgotten cake…. like this one…

1231081617we believe that’s happy birthday to ron….. kinda sad that ron didn’t get it…. but steph and i nearly peed ourselves putting it in order for the picture.  Is this normal practice??? because i’ve NEVER seen it.  Shop n Save is officially the best store ever.




6 responses

1 01 2009

My cake! You found my cake!

1 01 2009
Tammy (mom)

I knew I ordered you a cake… I just couldn’t remember where I ordered it from….. mystery solved!

1 01 2009

Our grocery store has the saint candles too. I giggle every time I see them. Is it near the mexican food?

1 01 2009

A blog friend of Kelli’s here… you HAVE to submit that photo of the cut cake to the blog Cake Wrecks! (www.cakewrecks.blogspot.com) They post photos of truly horrible cakes. I’d say that qualifies!

2 01 2009

thanks maureen…. i love cake wrecks and posting the pic on my blog was only my #2 priority, i took the shot for cake wrecks and it has already been submitted. =)

10 03 2009

I can’t believe I missed that whole adventure!!!!!

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