my niece is cooler than yours

7 01 2009

Last night i went to my brother and sister-in-law‘s to hang out.  We decided to have brinner and kelli made the eggs and i made the pancakes.  I had never actually made pancakes before and i told my niece, Elle, that while she watched me cook.  She was very surprised that it was my first time and pointed to the pancakes when it was time to flip them.  When we were eating, Elle took a bite of her pancakes and got super excited and gasped and said, these pancakes taste JUST like PANCAKES!!…. thanks Elle, you’re so encourging.   Later in the night, after Elle’s bath, Joe was getting her ready for bed and Scrubs was on.  There was a part in the show when Elliot went to talk to her ex and said something like i feel really bad because i never apologized with you about how things ended.  Elle’s immediate response was singing, It’s too late to ‘pologize….. Ha, she’s cooler than your niece.




One response

8 01 2009

this is debbie

you know when to flip a pancake over by watching the bubbles pop then flip.

Old pancake woman

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