back in texas

13 01 2009

break is over, i’m back in texas. The trip back was….. uneventful…. so much so that i listened to NPR for about 4 hours.  The radio was annoying…. i must be getting old.  And the highlight of the trip was somewhere after joplin but before the big cabin exit, i apparently drove through “pig country.” i mean, i’m used to smelling the pig smell…. but this was different… it just kept on lingering.  After a solid 20min i was beginning to wonder if someone snuck into my car while traveling down the interstate at 80 mph (the limit was 75 don’t judge!) and took a dump in my backseat.  Ridiculous. needless to say… it was boring. see?

0112091605don’t i look bored?

and parents, i know you can’t tell bc i have on sunglasses, but i promise that my eyes were on the road and not looking at the camera.

look at my fun ikea fabric in the background…. isn’t it grand??




One response

13 01 2009
Tammy (mom)

hmmmmm 80 miles an hour, taking pictures, well at least you have a seat belt on….. Love the glasses!… and the material!

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