14 01 2009

Today was the first day of “class.” I didn’t actually have class, but i had orientation to find out my student teaching assignment.  I’m teaching kindergarten and i’m super excited and pretty terrified.  I go tomorrow to meet my master teacher, so i’ll let ya in on how that goes.  In the afternoon we have a 2 week class that coincides with student teaching. we meet for about 4 hours each day however today we were given the syllabus and an assignment and sent on our happy way.  since we were suddenly given all this free time, a group of us girls decided to go catch a matinee (for $2) Being a group of girls, we went to go see bride wars…. and let me just tell you…. ridiculous!  I mean, it was silly, and fun, and cute, and blah blah blah… but it was sooooooo girly it was crazy… i swear that estrogen oozed out of every frame….. I feel like i need to eat some red meat, play some football, and burp to make up for it.




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