First Day

15 01 2009

Today was my first day in the class i’ll be student teaching in.  For the next couple of weeks i’ll just be observing and figuring out the class.  I was very nervous going in wondering what this semester will bring and if the first day was any indication, i’m going to have plenty to write about.  As soon as i came in and sat in my new class of kinders, my master teacher, mrs. story, introduced her self to me saying, “Last time i had a student teacher was just two years ago.” (me… YES, she’s gonna know how this goes) then she continued…” and i was really big pregnant so i just handed her all my plans and sat down to rest.” (me…. Jesus help me).  About 10 min later, I had my first interaction with one of the girls.

Girl:  (pulling up her sleeve) do you know what this is

Me:  (recoiling a bit) oh my, that looks a little like

Girl:  (very excited to tell me) THAT’S RINGWORM

Me:  (staying calm) oh, well, do you get to put stuff on it?!

Girl:  (yeah, sometimes momma puts this white stuff on it

Me: ok, good. go sit down. over there, where your seat it, across the room




3 responses

15 01 2009

i have a feeling that your blog is going to bring back some fun memories for me this semester 🙂 i’m excited! you’re going to love student teaching.

15 01 2009

Hey, isn’t ringworm high contagious? Call Topher. He’s had it a few times.

16 01 2009
Tammy (mom)

I am going to love this semester of stories cause I already miss your “Y” kids..

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